Law Office of C.J. Williams, LLC
Where FAMILY comes FIRST!!  

Other things may change, but we all BEGIN and END with the FAMILY.


C.J. Williams [is an] awsome attorney with dignity, integrity and honor and integrity [in] his profession... He will have you mesmerized with his passion for Family Law.  We will meet again soon sir.  Thank you.

Client- DeKalb County Georgia.

What he does have is all the considerable wisdom gained from his past experiences which give him a unique and highly valuable placeā€¦

A. Baker - Atlanta's JMLS

"I would be remiss if I did not extend my sincere recommendation and approval of C.J. Williams. He is a wise scholar with an impeccable work ethic. Mr. Williams is trustworthy, loyal, and consistently exudes an attitude of dogged determination for excellence in both is personal and professional life."
E.L. Wright, III
"C J Williams was very prompt in attending to my case, even on short notice of the court date. I was very pleased with how he prepared for my case, which put me at ease. Thank you so much Mr. C J Williams."

Client- Carrollton, Georgia