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Unbundling Your Legal Services Allows You To:

  •  Have a greater ability to manage and substantially reduce your costs
  • Benefit from fixed and affordable fees
  • Receive high-quality services tailored to your specific needs
  • Purchase services by the task not by the hour
  • Maintain the flexibility to manage the parts of your case that don't require legal expertise
  • Exercise more control over the relationship between you and your attorney

What's On The Menu?

The Law Office of C.J. Williams, LLC enjoys partnering with clients who are committed to minimizing costs by working cooperatively with their spouse or partner to achieve a speedy and less expensive resolution to Divorce, Custody, and Family Law issues, including:

  • Process options consultation
  • Legal framework consultation Interest-based negotiating consultation
  • Conflict and communications coaching
  • Legal guidance and opinions consultation
  • Document review and drafting services
  • Parenting Plans, Settlement Agreements, and Child Support document preparation
  • Document preparation and processing
  • Simple Will, Living Will, Advanced Healthcare Directives and Power of Attorney document preparation

What's Off The Menu?    

When you choose to unbundle your legal services, your attorney will not perform certain services or responsibilities that would ordinarily be undertaken in a full-service attorney-client relationship. For example, you may wish that your attorney does not:

  • Litigate disputes
  • File motions or attend hearings
  • Prepare or process emergency motions or request ex-parte emergency orders
  • Conduct discovery to collect documents and information for use in contested legal matters

Choose The Option That is Right for You

The best way to find out if limited scope / unbundling your legal services could work best for you is to contact us and schedule your consultation with an attorney. While limited scope representation is not for every client or every case, we can help you consider all your process options to help you find the right fit for the unique circumstances of your case.

     Please visit the "Contact Us" page of our web site at for more information or contact your attorney and ask if unbundling legal services is right for you. The Law Office of C.J. Williams, LLC represents clients in Metro Atlanta, Dallas, Paulding, Cobb, and counties throughout Northern Georgia.

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