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Carefully Consider Your Options

Many divorce, child custody, and domestic relations cases can be resolved as soon as both parties can come to an agreement about related issues.

How you decide to resolve the issues can make it easy or very difficult. You
decide which road is best for you to take.


In Mediation, you and your spouse (or co-parent) work with a neutral third party to negotiate the terms of an agreement that works best for your family. Your attorney will attend the mediation process and you will have the opportunity to review the agreement with your lawyer prior to signing an agreement. Mediation is cost effective and offers both parties a private and safe opportunity to negotiate any terms that may be in dispute without the necessity of paying attorney trial and trial preparation costs.

Lawyer Negotiations

It is always better to negotiate a settlement than to litigate it. Attorney negotiations often result in an agreement. Some negotiations are conducted by correspondence while others may be conducted in face-to-face meetings such as mediation. With Lawyer negotiations, it is possible for the case to end up in court if a resolution is not achieved. Family court is slow, costly, difficult to predict and you are giving the power to decide any and all issues that the parties cannot agree on to the judge.

Family Court

A family court trial is a last resort. It is expensive, slow, invasive and the results are very difficult to predict. The adversarial nature of the process often escalates the animosity between the parties. The judge will make decisions about your family based on the law without regard to your core concerns. The judge cannot be creative. We only represent clients in family court trials if there is no other avenue of resolution available.

Contact us today to discuss your matter and how each may affect your case.

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